SH JCS55 Zeus's Thunderbolt

A magnificent standout

  The latest addition to our stable of herdsires is SH JCS55 Zeus's Thunderbolt.  He is the son of JCS55 Zeus and TTS Boss. Both Zeus and Boss are known throughout South African Savanna Goat circles for their outstanding size and conformation.  Each has a proven history of top performing offspring .

   Zeus was a large, incredibly athletic buck possessing excellent length of loin and height. His former owner stated to me that the last time he officially weighed Zeus, he tipped the scales at 315lbs. Trevor Baliff, noted for his work and effort in improving the South African Savanna genetics wrote: Zeus is really one of the champion bucks of the South African Savanna industry.  Not many of the early imports were worthy of collection, but Zeus was for sure. Zeus added length of loin and muscling to his kids.

   TTS Boss has over 10 years proven performance.  She has averaged 2.1 kids per year. Boss was sired by rare line NJW16 orange. She is a tall doe, thick and long, with large cannon bones and strong pasterns.  Boss has a wide chest, totally black skin under her coat with 1x1 teats.

   She is a standout in the industry and fully meets breed standards  

  Thunderbolt is a long tall, muscular and athletic buck. He possesses outstanding and rare genetics from both sire and dam.

  On an early visit to Sleepy Hollow Farms while purchasing doelings and another buck, we noticed the young buck, Thunderbolt.  He immediately caught our attention through his exceptional conformation,  headset, phenotype and enthusiasm.  He carried himself as a much older buck would. Several months later we were blessed with the opportunity to acquire Thunderbolt and add him to our stable of herdsires.  Thunderbolt is a once in a lifetime buck for us. We are excited about the positive attributes and diversity that Thunderbolt brings to our South African Savannas. Thank you Trevor and Jamie Baliff of Sleepy Hollow Farms for producing such an outstanding buck and for allowing us to acquire him. He will definitely leave his mark on the South African Savanna industry.