SH Y8 Barricade

One of a kind buck

  Barricade is the son of the legendary South African Savanna buck Y8. Y8 possessed incredible size, pigment and conformation.  These traits cemented his place on the Mount Rushmore of South African Savanna bucks. It was noted that Y8 was one of the best balanced bucks ever seen. All of these traits were passed on to his son Barricade.  

   Upon seeing Barricade, Y8's owner wrote "Excellent, this buck looks excellent... He looks so much like Y8". Barricade is the product of an AI embryo transfer project of Sleepy Hollow Farms. His dam is GCS Penny, known as " THE GREAT BUCK MAKER ".  He is the latest in a long line of bucks that Penny has produced. Barricade has excellent length, size and pigment. He also has one of the best headsets of any South African Savanna bucks we have seen. He also has a very calm disposition. 

  We were blessed to have been able to acquire Barricade from Trevor and Jamie Baliff at Sleepy Hollow Farms.  He is an incredible addition to our stable of herdsires.  When the opportunity arose to acquire Barricade,  there was no hesitation in making the decision to bring him to Simpson's Hilltop Savannas.  He possesses excellent phenotype and genotype.  Barricade will have a major impact on improving the South African breed.