SH Lira

Pretty Little Lira

Lira is a product of an AI project at Sleepy 

 Hollow Farms, WWE05 over Penny. 

WWE05 was a very prolific herdsire. Born of South African born parents who were part of the original dispersal of goats.  WWE05 was the first South African Savanna born in the United States.  He can be found in the extended pedigrees of many of today's top performing bucks and does. He was owned by Ty Williamson and Boney Winkler of W&W Savannas. 

Lira's dam is GCS Penny.  She is a tank, train conformation. She is a product of the legendary cross of MGF102A Dollar and GCS Loretta. Penny is a proven producer of quality offspring.

 Only 7 months old, Lira already exhibits fine pigment and conformation.  Born in a litter of 4, Lira has a heavy frame and thick Bones. She will begin her breeding in the Spring 2020 when we will cross her with José Quervo.